new agility & thievin training

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hey jagex
you should seriously consider a new agility training
for people who can't enter priff, agility and thieving is a very hard skill to train
if you can make an entire city like menaphos or the arc you could make something for us players who can't enter priff to train agility or thieving

28-Oct-2017 18:08:47

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Agility and Thieving are still easy to train outside of Prifddinas.

Prifddinas is just a commodity.

Train them as you normally would or gain access to Prifddinas. It's not that difficult.
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28-Oct-2017 18:56:21

A  Cole
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A  Cole

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Silverhawk boots will give you the ability to train agility without non-stop clicking.

Thieving at Waiko, or pick-pocketing anywhere whilst wearing the Camouflage outfit, allows you to click your target once and you keep going until you get caught or reach the upper limit.

These are two examples of AFK training these two skills outside of Prifddinas. If you want more AFK, unlock Prifddinas - else what's the point of having the city there if everything inside is available outside?

Also, try mini-games for Agility. Brimhaven Agility Arena and Flash Powder Factory are great alternatives to the lap courses. They may be a little bit slower by today's standards, but they are still more fun than going around in circles.


31-Oct-2017 10:00:42

Anima Axis
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Support. Too much locked behind priff, the game is quite large and in my opinion can always use more trainng methods. Jagex's solution to some heavily outdated content was lock it all behind a ton of quests.

In my opinion there should be at least 3 methods for high level training, afk, profit, exp. Priff should only be one of those methods.

01-Nov-2017 06:05:47

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I never really AFK(melee grinding was the only real exception for me) but it is nice to see it as an option. However, asking for Prif-equivalent grinding methods is out of the question. Not only would it devalue Prif, its just plain unnecessary.

Agility and Thieving are already sorta AFK. They aren't known for requiring one's full and undivided attention. Brimhaven Agility, and Pyramid Plunder, aren't very AFK, but pickpocketing, safe cracking, lockpicking, as well as most agility courses, are very lax.

Thieving is fairly easy without Prif. I trained Thieving by pickpocketing Ardougne Knights with Ardougne Cloak 3, Camo outfit, and some other useful things, up until level 93 or so. The only Prif-based advantage I had was the Crystal Mask spell, which I did use. I was getting about 200k xp/hour, which is pretty damn good. When I wasn't using that spell, I managed to get roughly 175-180k xp/hour, still good, and I used Enhanced Excalibur to heal, so I didn't really need food or bank healing.

Agility is kinda slow. It's slow in Prif as well, you just don't ever fail, and occasionally, shortcuts open up to speed up the process a bit. There's also a 20k xp daily limit at Serenity Posts. As for outside methods, just do the best course you can. Agility is fairly simple and Brimhaven aside, it doesn't require you to frantically click nonstop.

Agility and Thieving are not at all hard to train without access to Prifddinas. The city only makes those skills a bit easier. While you're at it, why don't you ask for Harps and Seren Stones outside of Prif as well? Oh wait. There are BETTER options outside of Prif! Never mind! :p

(Also you have 13 99's and your account is clearly not a pure skiller. Just get the levels and do the quests. Or not. That is up to you. You aren't entitled to special treatment just because you limit yourself.)
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