Summer update: what is it?

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I was hoping for a World Event, but no, i's just a new quest series. Still, even that is a good thing to have, even if it is less big and exciting than certain other types of change.

14-May-2019 04:51:04

Why So Fishy

Why So Fishy

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It's probably going to either be Orthen (new city) or a Enchanting. I doubt it will be a new skill because I would consider the M&S rework to use the 'new skill' slot. Whatever it is this is honestly the last chance I'm giving Jagex. After seeing the predatory MTX behavior they're using now and how much Jagex is making these days (record highs) there better be some kind of a payoff for having MTX. They've claimed in the past they 'need' the MTX to support future developments but the only game I see getting good, well developed content is OSRS.

I expect some seriously high end, very large content coming with this 'Big summer update' or I'll be cancelling my sub. I've been playing this game for more than 10 years and I'm sick of the constant shelving and many months with jack shit for content that has been happening for the past 5 years.

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Jokku23 said:
I think it's a "Summer special" 6-month membership package which includes the same benefits as Gold Premier fanclub for the price of Silver premier fanclub. :P

I hope so! All I need is the Summer Special membership, since I missed out on the Premium Club right after it ended. Don't really care about other future updates at this point.

17-May-2019 14:59:19

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