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I'm looking for suggestions on how to improve my equipment. My preferences are the following: I don't use degradable items, for melee I prefer one handed weapons with a shield usually a sword, for ranged I used bows and usually its a shield-bow/longbow.

My combat skills are the following:
Attack: 80
Strength: 81
Defense: 80
Ranged: 80
Prayer: 77
Magic: 77
Constitution: 79
Agility: 74
Slayer: 66
Summoning: 75
Dungeon: 55

I have a fortune of 40-50 mil

My current equipment is

Melee: Full Bandos, superior dragon longsword
Ranged: Full Armadyl, dark bow, dragon arrow
Magic: Full Subjugation

Other items: Obsidian Cape, Amulet of Fury(t), ring of fortune

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For armour i'd suggest you take a look at "anima core". theres one for melee, ranged and magic (theres one hybrid even) and weapons hmmm you can equip tier 80 so maybe chaotics are your best option. you need to train a bit of dungeoneerin to get them tho!

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Radix369 said:
Chaotic degrades though

They're dirt cheap to repair. Your repair costs will be offset by the fact that you are killing things much faster. There's very little equipment once you reach Tier 80 that doesn't degrade.

For Melee,

At level 80 Attack you will be using Chaotic or Bane weapons, the latter of which you can Mine and Smith yourself due to the recent Mining & Smithing rework.

At level 80 Defence, if you're unwilling to change your mind about degrading equipment, you should buy Anima core of Zaros armour.

Generally speaking you should not be using a Shield unless you need one. You're losing tonnes of damage output by wearing a shield as opposed to using a two-handed or dual-wield setup.

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