Who's found the most dyes ?

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Just wondering if anyone knows who's found the most dyes between both hard and elite clues? Also which did they find and how many have they done?(not including buying them)

I'm up to 5 now from only elite, there's gotta be someone out there with like 20 lmao
3/4 dyes... where tf is Blood at
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29-Sep-2016 15:34:15

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I know I've done over 100 elite Treasure Trails, not sure exactly how many, and have never gotten anything of much value on this account from doing clues. I think the most valuable thing I ever got from a clue was a backstab cape when it was worth around 10m GP, but that was on my other character. Hi.

29-Sep-2016 17:09:40

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currently i've done around a little less than 400 hard and 250 elites. Got a shadow on hard, 21 hrs later got a barrows from an elite and eventually got a 3rd age dye.

still looking for a blood dye to complete my set. Similar to you assuming your sig is still accurate :P
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29-Sep-2016 22:47:34

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