The mine & smith rework could

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I feel that Jagex did not fully consider the dramatic nature of such an update before they said they would do it.

That means that either they will delay or completely abandon the update or they will implement it with great regret.

The update does infact affect multiple areas of the game one of which that many people seem to be overlooking is the invention skill.

Those that remember the time required to obtain certain components know the difficulty in obtaining the raw number of materials to dissasemble. What happens when the public can not produce the required items in a timely fashion? Invention for beginners will now become a skill that takes more effort than is reasonable.

The idea of an update is great but I do see a great deal of problems with the currently proposed update. The amount of time required to produce a single item is dramatically increased. That means the cost of said items will skyrocket.

The alch value will most likely poorly reflect the actual item value. Consider the mystic cloth update. Mystic items are now worthless yet the drop rate has not really improved.

No matter what others may think, this update will most definately affect the game on a large scale and many people will not like it.

It is likely that some form of normalcy will eventually emerge, but not before a great pain is felt.
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