Why do certain items tank?

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just Josh yo

just Josh yo

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I'm fairly new to RS and I'm interested in merching. I was looking through some items to invest in and found that certain items like "plant pots" and "pie dishes" have lost a lot of value in the last few weeks. I've searched the forums looking for a reason as to why, such as a future game update or specific events but I can't find anything. Why is it that these items have become so worthless?

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The pots lost a lot of value because of an update recently that allows you to buy packs containing noted plant pots. Previously you had to buy unnoted, banking and then go back to the store and repeat to get high amounts. Now you can buy the stackable packs and you're done. Not only that but the total # of plant pots you can get this way is much higher, 1000 from the new packs plus 100 unnoted (before update it was only 100). Dunno why the pie dishes dropped. Feel free to take a look at my suggestions:
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spirit gems destr->drop

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