Wardrobe Rework is AWESOME!!!

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Kelly Br00k

Kelly Br00k

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Okay so, after having read through so many threads hating on the reworked wardrobe, I no longer could stand it! How can people dislike it so much?! I understand that it looks different and one can easily get lost at first, but the sheer amount of new features and much needed quality of life improvements are fantastic! And do you know which one of those I like the most? The fact that one can now customize their character without interrupting actions! I can now easily explore my wardrobe and try out things at the same time I play! :D

In spite of my euphoria, I do nevertheless acknowledge not everyone sees it the same way; everyone's different and so are tastes and opinions. Still, I do wish to insist for those of you that downright hate the new wardrobe to at least give it a chance! It takes some getting used to, a few things might've been inadequately relocated and others even removed entirely, but I assure you that the wardrobe is and functions better than ever! Besides, I'm certain Jagex will rectify and/or improve it as needed! Really, just allow for the update to sink in during the next few days and hopefully you'll all start seeing it like I do! ;)

Well, I suppose I mentioned everything I wished to say without making this post overly large, so I'll just leave it here...but not before shouting out loud:

the new wardrobe!

06-Mar-2017 14:24:01

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It took me a min to see how useful it could be.

After about 20 min of playing around with it , I realized it was a great addition.

Thanks Jagex for something I didnt know I wanted but now dont want to live without.
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07-Mar-2017 17:42:52

BBQ Ribs
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BBQ Ribs

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I love that there is 4 presets now and they all work, you used to load 3 and it wouldn't load properly most of the time for me.

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17-Mar-2017 03:45:41

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