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Thanks for providing a trial period for new forum rules for us. Long overdue, however it's here now so hopefully some good can come of it within the 1 month period.

Early days at the moment. Hopefully forums will be peaceful :)

16-May-2017 03:41:35

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Kongar said:
There will be flaws but that is what it is all about. Feedback is crucial.

I am happy they really care about the forums and want to make it more appealing and have more freedom of speech. :)

Yeah, it really looks like they're trying, which is great. A lot more Jmod presence here, even though it's such a small community. Maybe we can see some more growth with these initiatives :)
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19-May-2017 19:17:56



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Agreed, I'm very pleased to see the forums operating how they are currently. I feel a lot of tension dissipating throughout the forums. There's still bumps to overcome with people testing out the new limits and adapting to the new, but I feel positive about what I've seen so far. Twitter : @rsollivander |
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21-May-2017 00:08:28

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Indeed! I have to echo what everybody else has said above me and I'm very grateful for the CM team putting this trial into place.

Hopefully we'll see an outcome that best suits how the forums should be. :)

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21-May-2017 00:55:02

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