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After watching the documentary last night on Youtube, I'm just now able to talk about it :P.

Truthfully, I thoroughly enjoyed it. Great work to the departments involved in bringing it to us and thank you for making it appear as a true, professional documentary.

Not only was it exciting to see the game's creator(s) acknowledge the impact RuneScape has on it's players in the real world, it was exciting to see those people share their experiences within the documentary.

There's more I wanted to say, but mostly overall just Thank you. I'm tired, it's been a depressing past month or so and something as meaningful as this being made makes things better again.

Hopefully more of these projects are done in the future with similar concepts. Thank you.
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11-Apr-2017 06:12:15

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'most people quit because combat was boring'

im disappointed by how little they talked about mtx and how it completely changed rs3

since ive been playing from 2004 i dont feel like i really learned anything from this besides about the early days and about the gower brothers. but the begging stuff actually was kinda interesting
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12-Apr-2017 03:51:55

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for me the most interesting thing was how Andrew talked about leaving the game, and he seemed really sad about it and didn't quite expect events to unfold that way

another thing is how different mod mmg and andrew are. Andrew seems a lot like me wherea mmg's all confident and powerful and 'ofcourse everybody loves me, what's not to love?'

12-Apr-2017 09:56:45

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