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sorry if a thread about this has been already made but could not find one.

I just wanted to say that i'm grateful that you've increasingly been doing these real life charities which do not only help a lot of people in real life but also to get out some GP out of this game to make items more worthy.
Also it's good that you offer fair rewards for donating bonds to get more people to donate.

For example, for the running Charity Jagex spent £50,000 which is a tremendous number, most of it gained by real life gaming. I like that you can help people by playing a game you love. I did not want to leave a coating, I'm actually not that kind of a person, but the well of goodwill and the charities are the biggest things I support in this game, because in the end, helping others is the only thing that really counts towards a better life.
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I also really really like the fact they are helping charities that provide modified gaming equipment so that people who otherwise wouldnt be able to can play games just like we do. Gaming has been a large part of my life and its good knowing I can donate some virtual wealth to help someone find the same joy playing games that I have found. Also helps them feel a bit more normal and able to play like their peers

It's also a good way to fund the charity because I have a number of non gaming friends and family who think there are better ways to help them than providing gaming equipment.

Also really really looking forward to the game blast 24 hour stream I hope they have again in feb. It is a total hoot and I usually stay up and watch it all even though I live in aus* which makes it a little hard with the timezones.
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