OSRS is still great.

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People might have their problems and complaints about some things in OSRS, but even picking up this long from where I left off- I still love this game. I love it exactly as it is, and I love that it's still getting regular updates and content drops from time to time. It really goes to show that the Jagex team is still dedicated to listening to their players.

I just wanted to share some love with the team behind OSRS in particular.

Thank you.
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I don't have a problem with RS3, my computer just can't handle it!

27-May-2019 23:00:18

Joe Bill64
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Joe Bill64

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OSRS still puts most MMORPGs to shame. It is -not- your typical cookie cutter bs game. Even with all the changes (good and bad), I still want to spend a majority of my time playing this game. I still get a retro/nostalgic feeling from it. I love old school rpgs!

Bravo, Jagex.

28-May-2019 06:16:45

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