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Anima Nexus

Anima Nexus

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you guys have been doing a great job with the detail in models coming out for new items and cosmetics. I could compliment the style of these items aswell, but this post is more just in the extra details found on many of the new designs.

one of my favorite examples is the parasols, the spindles all are 3d, To me, thats pretty cool. things like that are why I support dropping Java, it gives insight as to how intricate new models can be.

This also applies to new animations. the contact juggling animation is awesome, and I hope my explanation is more objective than it is opinion. the fingers moving, the several body joints all moving during the animation, and not looking weird, the seamless loop. all pretty outstanding! Imagine this for spell casting or something like that, epic.

Another new animation I am quite fond of, and use as an example only because its more familiar is the pickaxe toss. Another seamless animation that looks fluid and balnced.

great job guys!

15-May-2017 03:28:36

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