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I just want to say that I am ecstatic to see Jagex Moderators posting on the forums more frequently. I think having Mod SteveW posting in the Account Help subforum has really made peoples day.

I really do hope Steve that you continue posting because you help provide reassurance and quick customer support for players and helpers.

Keep up the good work. :)
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16-May-2017 14:24:33

Chow Chow
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Chow Chow

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He's just a spammer, ignore him.

Honestly though? I saw him posting on the forums at a time I could not whilst away at college. I like to peep on the forums in some down time, but at that particular time, I was only able to read instead of clumsily respond.

I'm actually thankful that he took the time to respond to a few players, especially those that were originally without a reply. It can be sometimes frustrating for the player to be left without an answer, especially in a very critical time of need.

So,... Awesome to see that someone was there, and in this particular case, Mod SteveW. :P
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