Well done with Old School RS!

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Angel Fury19

Angel Fury19

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It's been a very long time for me playing runescape. I started back in 2006 and I've played on and off and the game content felt like it became stale. After EOC + I just couldn't play it anymore. It didn't feel like the same game.

Now with old school coming back, I did quit before again... but now I'm glad I decided to come back.

Jagex, RS2007 feels wonderful to play. With the new bosses and quests added, plus different challenges that I can do. I feel like I did when I first started again. Like a whole new world opened up to me for me to explore and have fun with. I know I face a lot of challenges ahead. From level 3 to 126 I can't wait to explore every little bit of content I missed out on. I never in my life have been this excited to play runescape again. I've even brought back some of my old friends to play and they feel the same way.

Old School Runescape was done wonderfully. Thank you Jagex <3

02-Jun-2017 04:24:30



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Jagex is truly a one of a kind company that truly seems to want the legacy of RuneScape to thrive. As an RS3 player, I've very impressed with what I'm seeing from the OSRS team and the hype they are building. It's an exciting time to be a part of the RuneScape community in general.

Excellent thread, glad to see you're bringing people back too. :D
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