A Special Birthday Thank You

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Being my birthday, I would like to say a few words of thanks.

I know Runescape is only a game to some, but I cant help but
feel some sense of gratitude to Jagex, the developers, content creators,
and especially the Gower brothers, who had a small dream two decades ago.

I don't think they ever imagined the impact this game would have on people.

I'm now 25 years old.

In my childhood years, I was an average kid.
I hung out with friends by the creek, rode bikes, and played games.

In my young teens, I started developing early signs of social anxiety and depression.
I was doing poorly in school, hanging with a bad crowd, and generally upsetting
the authority figures in my life.

One day, my cousin showed me a game called Runescape.
I had a crappy windows 98 desktop back then, which could hardly run any game.

Surprisingly it worked for Runescape.
I didn't really get into the game though, the slow pace at the start turned me away.

Some time later, I decided to give it another go.
I met a couple of people around lumbrige, and we became friends.
We did some noobie quests, explored, and visited places we probably shouldn't have
(here's to you dark mages near Varrock).

Runescape helped me in school, with math, basic economics, and spelling.
It helped me to become more social and ultimately beat my anxiety.
I no longer feared meeting new people.

I started surrounding myself with people who had more in common with me.
No longer was i with a bad crowd.

Soon after, my old windows pc finally kicked the bucket.
I soon found myself at the public library every day (a place i seldom visited beforehand).
I would play for hours and read books while i trained slower, less attention demanding

I got a paper route to afford a new computer.

It's now my mid teens, and my grandparents were both very sick.
They were my best friends. My rocks. My crutches.
The people I could turn to for anything without judgement, without criticism.

05-Jun-2017 01:44:17

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Spell Books

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They passed away very quickly.

I found comfort in my clan, or group of friends at the time.
This was before clan chats were a thing, and we all kind of just
hung out together and all collectively became close.

At this point, depression and my emotions, probably a mix of
growing up, and the things i had been dealing with started to grip me.

My parents thought I spent too much time on Runescape.
I probably did, but I felt like my true self there.

Over the years, Runescape has helped shape and develop me as a person
in probably more ways than i am even aware.
I am not a writer, nor do I expect anyone to read this, but if it does
get into the browser of someone this is dedicated to, I want you to know that
I am eternally grateful for this virtual world, the people, the experiences,
the guidance, and the memories that I will continue to build for as long
as this game has a single player left.

Thank you RS team.

05-Jun-2017 02:19:10

Warrior Lady

Warrior Lady

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Happy Birthday. I hope everything goes well, and you have a happy time. Runescape is a very good game in the basic concepts. As long as you are enjoying playing then it is helpful. If the game does not take up all your time then it is like a hobby. As long as it is not too cluttered, then it is a help to chill down.

05-Jun-2017 06:00:25

Spell Books

Spell Books

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Thank you guys, I really appreciate the feedback!

I stopped playing for a while but I am back, if anyone would
like to be friends, I'm primarily on OSRS but wouldn't mind
learning some new things in rs3 as well!


If you take the time to read this, how did you start playing Runescape and what effect
had it had on your life?

It would be interesting to hear some other peoples' stories.

06-Jun-2017 23:34:48

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