Thank you Jagex for OSRS

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Just had to take the time to write this out for you guys.

It's been about 3 years since I first started OSRS for the very first time and I remember it pretty well. I struggled to get through tutorial island because the game felt old and clunky to me. I just didn't like it at all and ended up leaving for a few months after getting through tutorial island. I noticed a similar sort of trend with other people I recommended this game to as well. So maybe take a look at finding a more attractive tutorial island that the random curious gamer won't feel too lost in.

But that's not the reason for the post. What I came here to say was how much I love OSRS. I can't believe how many hours I've sunk into it on this account, my f2p ironman and hardcore ironman. I hate the quests, but I love hating them and I love dragging myself through them even though I hate them. It doesn't even make sense to me but I enjoy it.

Clue scrolls! Boy do I love those things. Nothing like opening an easy casket to get 600 gold worth of loot or running through wilderness to finish up a hard/elite clue and worrying like there is no tomorrow. It gives me another reason to finish up quests or level up skills and that's a pretty big deal because I love leveling just as much.

The humor is great in this world. From silly things Uri says like "Loser says, what." to references to all sorts of other things like Monty Python. It's those little things that make you smile and love the game just that bit more.

The community and the development of the game... They are amazing. I love seeing all the news bits and pieces being added to the game and finding some improvements on QoL in general. The community, while they can be crazy, I love them and even some of the silly names they use. Even the bots can be pretty amusing!

tl,dr: Thank you Jagex for making OSRS so great, please keep it up!

01-Nov-2017 11:29:14



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Yes, even though I don't like playinf OSRS I am very grateful that Jagex did re-release it because more players is always better!
Remove TH, and put stuff from TH to Solomon's store as guarantees. No disappointment to the average player who only uses free keys which yield trash, and those who do buy into MTX can have a clear idea what the thing they want is going to cost them.

07-Nov-2017 08:42:02

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Before playing OSRS, I had many precious memories of playing RS back in the day (2006-2011) - memories that I never thought could be topped. On release, I assumed OSRS was to be a brief nostalgia-fest of a game, only lasting a year or so.

Three years later, we're still here, regularly getting quality updates and with a growing player base. I guess I'm just saying how I grateful I am that the game I loved as a kid continues to grow and create a whole new bunch of precious memories.

I draw RuneScape arts! :D

13-Nov-2017 21:34:38

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