Thank you Jagex for unbanning!

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Tex Texas

Tex Texas

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:)So after a few years break, I come to find out my account was somehow banned for macroing, something I don't do. I suppose I was hacked at some point but I appreciate jagex for giving my account another chance. I know it has some other smudges, like foul language....(lol) but overall I think ive been a kind and loyal and decently player in this massive game. I would hate for my 90 days of grinding on this game to go to waste and I'm glad it wasn't all for nothing. I'm getting back into skilling and making million stories again and it feels good to me if I have nothing else going on. It's good to be back!:)

18-Apr-2017 21:40:21

Stale Chips
Sep Member 2017

Stale Chips

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Dead Average said:
Can we ban this guys name as it refers to drug use?

What if he likes stoning people? Also, stop being a snowflake because someone has a name you are either jealous of, or dislike. I don't like death, should I report yours?

30-May-2017 22:32:48

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