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Adhd Vs Rs3

Adhd Vs Rs3

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This is probably sad of me to say, but I wanted to compliment you all on this fantastic game. Runescape has been a huge part of my life and also one of my biggest struggles believe it or not. I have seen people in this game, maxing accounts in just a few months, achieving many 99's in just a few weeks. And its has taken me around thirteen years to acquire the stats I have today on Rs3. I suffer from Adhd (Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder) Which makes it extremely difficult for me to perform repetitive tasks for long periods of time. Runescape was a nightmare in this aspect considering that game is a constant grind. And back to my point, this was a huge challenge in my life and also one of my proudest accomplishments to be where I am at in the game today.

I felt like finally leaving a compliment about it after I got myself into OSRS, back when the grinding was much much worse than it is today. You've made an absolutely wonderful game here and I look forward to continued play for many years to come.

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Excellent thread. I understand the struggles of ADHD, both as a special educator and as someone who also has ADHD, and definitely understand how rewarding it is to be able to play a game such as this. The patience involved is staggering and something that's taken years to accomplish. It's also helped me in real life as it's taught me coping mechanisms on how to handle long and often monotonous tasks without jumping from project to project to project.

I'm happy to see that RS has helped you in such a way. Keep scaping, my friend!
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