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Just wanted to give my thanks for the removal of the arbitrary multiplayer-only restriction on Large floors for Dungeoneering. As someone who plays solo wherever possible (it should say a lot that the Task to heal a teammate was the second last DG task of the entire set that I ever completed), it always felt a little bit frustrating that Large floors were locked off from me.

28-May-2019 18:03:23

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I thought I would jump on the back of this to also add my gratitude for the option to solo large floors in Dungeoneering. I'm 120, do at least one floor each day and have always really enjoyed solo. I have never completed a team dungeon, so naturally I've never been in a large one until today. I literally got lost in there, an extra gatestone would have been very welcome. It made me realise how spoiled we are having 3 gatestones in the medium size. You definitely get away much more with little mistakes gatestoning compared to large dungeons. It's a very different challenge.

I'll need to practice a lot more, this first one took quite a while. I'm sure it can be done much more efficiently. I have solo mediums down to under 7 or 8 minutes quite consistently. Large took me just less than 20 for roughly double the exp, so I need to knock a fair bit off this first time for it to be worthwhile exp wise, especially as the daily challenge reward remains the same and many solo dungeoneers do this most days. Still, I enjoyed the fresh challenge of enjoying one of my favourite pieces of content in a new way, and look forward to the task of learning how to complete them faster. It's also an amazing option to have when those double exp or token wildcards get given by the hoardstalker.

29-May-2019 00:21:44

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Wish I could muddle my way through all the interface changes and things since RS3. I miss DG a lot. I remember doing a sub 8 Kalg warmonger floor before EoC where I ended up soloing the boss as I was working a path near the group tele. Good memories.

I hear you no longer need to hold keys or something too? Seems so much has changed.
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