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eMaG dNiM
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eMaG dNiM

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Before I start, I wanted to say how sickening and toxic the Runescape community has become in the last 5-6 years, especially towards Jagex. Honestly it is appalling, MTX did not ruin this game, the toxic community that has belittled and degrading Jagex at every corner for the last half decade is what is ruining this game. So, I just wanted to go against the status quo, and send appreciation, deservedly so to the makers of a wonderful game that grew up alongside me.

I learned of Runescape in late 2005 and started really playing it in mid 2006, I was 11 years old and I can vividly remember figuring out how I could upgrade my mithril armor to addy armor, I knew I needed about 30k so would would try and figure out how many cows I had to kill and tan their hides. In a way, Runescape taught 11 year old me a little enterprise. Ill never forget that rewarding feeling of getting that Addy armor, only to get scammed the next week, I was crushed, but I persevered through adversity.

I Imagine Jagex feeling the same way, working so hard on such an amazing accomplishment, much like how 11 year old me felt when I finally got that addy armor, a game that is closing in on its 20th year, 20th! And yet, with that great accomplishment, they are criticized and ridiculed at every corner, as outsiders looking in, we may feel like it doesn't affect them, but I can most certainly believe it does. whether it is a 11 year old boy losing something he worked hard to get or an employee that works for a multi-million dollar company,trying to make the best game he or she can, that shit stings.

I just wanted to say thank you, thank you Jagex and all its employees for such a wonderful game that has been a part of my life for going on 15 years. Friends have come and gone, childhood pets have come and gone, childhood had come and gone, yet Runescape has always been there, and I hope one day I will get to experience the joy and wonderment of Gielinor with my son.


Thank you.

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Joe Bill64
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Imo, mtx 'turned off' some of the chill players from RS3. Yes toxic players don't help and I try to avoid them/be less irritable while playing myself.

Runescape has been a great escape over the years and Jagex produced a great game; imo. Ty for OSRS also; been a good time. Cheers guys/gals!

Glad to see it has treated you well Emag Dnim. Have fun!

*Shout out to whoever (whomever?) gave me that mith long back in the day. Player# something now, wherever you are; thank you. I said I would pay you back when I got the gp, lol... never had the chance.*

28-May-2019 06:33:17

Hot Figter2
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Hot Figter2

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Absolutely agree with you. The nostalgic feeling after more than 12 years that I first started playing this game is amazing. I enjoy Osrs, especially with the Runescape music.

Everyone plays and enjoys the game in their own way. Some people have the game completely figured. I see those as players who have billions on their bank, and just play the game for PvP. While I enjoy walking through Runescape, doing quests, skills, and after 12 years, still discovering new things. This game has a lot to offer, if you're open to it. If you're not and you dislike the game, then sure, blame Jagex for it.. Personally never ever had anything against them. Not that it would change anything, but they provided me a game that has become a part of my life. It's a special game not comparable to others, since so many of us grew up with it and are still playing it, as adults.

Thank you Jagex.

02-Jun-2019 23:18:06

Jaekob Caed
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Jaekob Caed

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I absolutely agree. While Jagex's actions over the past year and a half have frustrated me (thankfully, they seem to have done a 180 in the past few months), I firmly believe that what kept RS3 from becoming the hyper-successful, next-gen MMO that it could have been was primarily due to all the whining. Jagex, sadly, catered to said whining and lost all the momentum they had with RS3's launch, eliminating world events, implementing Legacy with outdated animations and graphics, removing Ashdale as a tutorial, halting their focus on story and the list goes on. This, as a result, destroyed their reputation with some people.

I truly think that if players had been less whiny about RS3 and EoC before it, RS3 would be so much more successful. Even when I was frustrated with Jagex's direction, I didn't whine about it: I always did my best to speak my mind via constructive criticism so that they could get some ideas on how to improve things.

As for MTX, they didn't ruin the game. People freak out when they can't get everything for free these days. There are so many entitled individuals in this world today. I completely agree with some opinions that Treasure Hunter has gotten out of control, however. I believe microtransactions need to be completely optional and fair, never replacing actual content as TH has in many cases. Besides, with the controversy over lootboxes, you'd think they'd focus more on Solomon's General Store due to the fact that it's a cosmetic store. I'd much rather have more Solomon's content since that's the only kind of MTX I'll buy in RS.

Overall, Jagex isn't without their faults but people have been so unfair toward them over the years. Sure, I'd love for them to continue in the path they're currently going and sure, I'd love to see MMG return, but whining about the issues at hand does absolutely nothing. I encourage everyone to use constructive criticism if you're frustrated. It's a lot more useful for Jagex to actually improve the game.
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Whilst I agree that there can seem excessive numbers of negative players at times, I don't let them impact my gaming. In the past I was immature & reactive to trolls but it's simply pointless & a waste of time & energy. No one is forced to play, some people just love to complain. Like many of us, I love 'scaping and I just ignore the negatives and move on. :)
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Dong U Dead

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OP you're no better than the toxic people you speak of, your first paragraph was toxic towards the community which I thought was against the rules- remove the first paragraph and this would be a nice complement thread as it is its just another rant thread towards the community and dosn't belong in this forum... Shame on you for disguising a rant thread as a complement thread.
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