Thank you for having courage

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OSRS Loved

OSRS Loved

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It takes a lot of guts to implement something controversial that is well thought out, with good intent, for the good of the game.

The community needs to try to get behind the team, and be supportive.
People who ARE supportive need to get up and say thank you.

We can't allow all the angry people to be the only voices to speak.

So, thank you OSRS team for pushing integrity updates that are honestly needed.
To the ones who are upset, please try to thin about the other types of players and how it affects them.

Also please realise that they are willing to re-balance things as well, so, like I said, get behind them, try to understand, try to think long term, try to give constructive criticism and real feedback. Being ragey isn't going to help.

Thanks again for having the courage.

27-May-2017 00:59:23

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