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I like the content of the update itself, but I just wanted to say that the thing I absolutely love is something rather insignificant... the lighting/bloom of the area around the memorial. The lighting and bloom used in that area is very much like the way bloom looked in Java which was, in my book, better in that way only. NXT is amazing but its bloom is usually lackluster and the lighting is usually unrealistically dark/dull, so this update really showed that it can still display beautifully-lit environments. :)

I hope to see that kind of bloom used more often in the rest of the game, albeit without the fog/darker lighting look maybe.
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Glad you like it !!
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11-Jan-2017 08:20:33

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I'd like to express such enjoyment!

Gorgeous setting, great music, and as a Guthixian, the lore's driving me to train Divination more than I've ever done.
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15-Jan-2017 11:08:28

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