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We had a number of lovely comments about the art and environment for the Memorial - really pleased you loved it! Mod MattHe | Former Community Manager, now in Events & occasional Lore Monkey

20-Jan-2017 09:53:26

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Ok, I think this is just a waste of time! I don't know how the hell I can prestige or get engrams attuned from Orla? Is there any Information at all of what to do in the Memeorial to Guthix?! ANYYTHING?! Apparently not! I am willing to admit that I may be the odd one out in all of this but my god. How can I use the plinths when I can't find engrams or any other things to do? All I can do Is just stand there. I just spent like an hour and a half trying to figure out what to do in the Memorial to Guthix site trying to unlock things and it IS IT EVEN POSSIBLE TO UNLOCK THINGS?! I can't even charge engrams and give them to Oral! I can't believe I spent a hour and a half trying to figure out what to do! Also no one has helped me at all! NOT AT ALL! I'm sorry but I am not impressed as of now. Maybe if there was help, I would take back of what I said.

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