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really nice to see a j-mod that is willing to objectively review f-mod actions

thanks for your work, trying to improve the unappealing parts of rsof

18-Feb-2019 14:10:57

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Pasmo said:
Southeaster said:
Not enough.

The wrongs of January 14th to January 23rd have yet to be righted.

go on...

Meadows may be reviewing individual actions, but he does nothing to the people committing these actions.

One of them is hiding behind Jmod review and FMR as an excuse to carry out personal vendettas.
whoever is humming the jaws theme is gonna get slapped

20-Feb-2019 12:05:24

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Titles not to nice for a Compliment thread. Might want to pick a better 1 next time.

Seeing as the thread has now turned into a spam thread I've locked it.

Rememebr if you post a Complimnet thread make it within the Rules.
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22-Feb-2019 09:47:10

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