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I know the whole 99 120 paradox exists. The completionist cape being the ultimate reward for all 99's and 120's, all quests, and basically everything you can imagine in Runecape completed. Then you have the Max Cape, which is the little brother/sister of course, being all 99's.

This idea wouldn't reflect on ANY GAME CONTENT. Just a virtual display.

What I think would be VERY COOL and INTERESTING to the player, would be a "Virtual" display, for prestige 99/120 exp and levels.

Let me elaborate. Currently, we have a display showing exp gained after the current virtual level to the next virtual level, as you are no doubt aware of.

HOWEVER, I think this can be further improved on.

By placing a toggle in the options, for "Virtual prestige level", to display the exp from currently gained exp in this prestige level set.

So basically base 1-99/1-120 would function normally.

1-99 13,034,431
1-120 104,273,167
e1-120 80,618,654

Each set of 1-99/1-120 would add a single level to your prestige, while still preserving your total exp in the total exp pool.

On a side note, I think people would be MORE LIKELY to prestige multiple 99's with rewards given once they reach a certain level of prestige, leading up to that big 200 mil exp mark.

On a related note, perhaps 120 could be considered a prestige level (5.3) of 99, rather than 120. The "standard" total level being unaffected, but the player's visual in the "virtual" total level would display the gained prestige levels in a prestige total level (displaying the amount of times the player has prestige, as well as the total level for all of the gained 1-99/1-120 levels beyond the initial 1-99 display), as well as choosing to display the standard total level or the new virtual prestige to all the players who check your examine (maybe, that sounds like back-end work).

Seems like most of the work, if not all of the work, would be interface. The only exception i see might be examine.

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