Weapon Special and Invention

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Many lower tier weapons are unviable due to thier lower stats, obviously. Many of these weapons (Dragon, GWD 1, other T60-80 weapons) have specials. Weapons that have specials should have a chance to unlock that special as a standard threshold ability via dissassembling an augmented item. The chances of getting the special should increase with the weapons Augmented level but decrease with the weapons tier (so that a lvl 1 weapon [Dwarven War Axe for example] with a special can have an augmentor attached and then be dissassembled for a decent chance without having to use that weapon in combat, similarly viable higher tier weapons can easily be used in combat to level up the augmentation for dissassembly.) This could help increase the value of inviable lower tier items to make certain drops, such as Dragon weapons and GWD 1 Hilt drops, to make it more worthwhile to fight enemies that drop these.
Similarly, weapons or items, that can be augmented, that have passive effects (Barrows) should have similar chances to drop special componenets that can be used to make those passive effects perks for other items.
Overall I think this could be a great edition to the game to make some inviable items more useful and help increase the value of rare items from lower level bosses.
Of course many of these abilities/passive effects would have to be balenced in the newer versions to prevent potentially overpower or underpowered effects.

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