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Lord Bakura
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Lord Bakura

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hello there!

i would suggest a small improvement to the champion scroll drops! since the new comp rework its been made more easy to get the trimmed complitionist cape. how ever a sad thing happend to a friend of mine the other day...

he was doing imp kills in the morytania slayer dungeon and what would u know. he got the imp scroll the middle of the center. and he coudnt telegrab it, acces it nothing. he has been kinda depressed about to ( wich i can imagine)

so woudnt it be a good idea to make it so that champ scrolls are auto picked up? like pets and golden and strange rocks. there absolutly no harm done by adding this mechanic. and for those trolls ( yes i know your out there) who are going to disagree just for the fun of it.... just think about it. a champion scroll is a 1:5000 drop. it cannot be sold and the reward u get from it is purely cosmetic. by adding this mechanic i think jaxes wil make a lot of people reliefed because it takes away the fear of missing it.

if you think this should be a thing plz support it. if not please respond with a reasonable and logical argument ( nothing like ooh u shoudnt have killed imps there....

thank you very much for reading my post.

kind regards, Lord Bakura

04-Aug-2019 16:32:37

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Good idea, also to prevent such items being lost in the rest of the crap that's not worthy of your inventory (I'm looking at you stone spirits!). Maybe something for the ninja team to look into?

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