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Hello with the recent survey the thought of adding in 120 construction or a rework to construction(removal of the monotonous build remove build). It has surged my interest in suggesting a simple rework that i feel would allow minimal changes needed to the current system and hopefully add a fun interest to construction as a whole.


Real Estate has began to boom in Gielinor and the need on the market for homes has begun to surge this is where you the player comes in. The rework to construction would allow you the player to build homes for the Npc's of Gielinor.

What this would entail

1. Building Homes and selling them off to Npcs for a chunk of exp.
2. You would create a home building with the best materials you have available then sell a home based around the materials used for a chunk of exp awarded to the player.
3. There could be a office that employs contracts to the player for extra chunks of exp to simply go into an Npcs home and remodel a room to the Npcs liking(based around player level).
4. Work orders could come into the game requesting specific construction materials needed that the player could gather that would reward the player with experience once fulfilled.(in example: 1 mahogany table, 8 teak chairs etc built for said customer).

What this would solve

1. No more monotonous Build Remove Build
2. Needs for all sorts of materials which would give birth to the need of all tiers of woods, ores, etc.
3. No need for a complete overhaul of the construction system as most of the content could simply use what is already implemented.

This is just a rough idea of some of the things i began theory crafting and i would love to hear feedback and suggestions that would help improve this idea to maybe hopefully catch the attention of the devs. Thank you for taking the time to read this thread.

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