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Son of Leah
Jul Member 2019

Son of Leah

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With the coming of the new bank improvement. I would like to see the ability to split items banked into more then 1 spot/tab. For example, Molten glass. This is an item used in Crafting to make orbs, viles, and many other items. But it is also used in construction a lot. With this, Cosmic runes are used in many magic applications but also in crafting.

It would be nice if I could put my clay in the Mining tab, and crafting tab with soft clay. And have this only count as 1 item but taking up 2 bank spaces.

Yes I know ... when depositing an item the game will need to know which tab to send to... could be a problem on programming. But it would be easy to put up a pop-up to ask..

There are so many items that are used in various ways and every player has things they wish could be stored in more then 1 spot.

This would really help game play!

12-Aug-2019 15:35:03

Kings Abbot

Kings Abbot

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The talked about doing this before they started on the bank rework, then they shelved it, then unshelved part of it (placeholders, more tabs). I don't know if it is easy to do.

Perhaps keep mining and crafting stuff together in one tab? We'll only have 15 or so after the bank rework so some stuff from different skills will need to stay together anyway.
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