T85 shields and 2h shields!

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Adrenaloonie said:
What the hell is an offensive shield?

Don't know how many times I've complained about this massive fuckup.
Shields were everything before. So cool, and so useless now.
you mad bro? Shields are the only way to do telos 4k, his autos can hit over max hp... I use shields all the time for resing and cade cept cade heal
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Stoic n Vain

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What I meant by T85 was for the actual ports shields, not for the 2h shields.
I can see how you thought I might have just wanted T85 2h shields.
I tried to separate the two with an "and", but I see that it still could be misleading. :|
"T85 shields and 2h shields"

Good idea with the new metals :)
Thanks for posting and the support.
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CSSkye said:
Shields weren't overly popular with Samurai or Assasins.

Basically this. A shield doesn't really work for the PoP theme, however many Samurais did use a second short sword for defending from attacks, what about a PoP defender?

Example: Using 50 Koi Scales and 50 Pearls, you can create a Scale Trimming, which can be attached to a T70-T90 Defender (any cb style) to create a Koi Scaled version.

Koi Scaled Defenders have +2 tiers, but rather than gaining more damage/armor they have a LP bonus equal to a shield of the original tier, like a T82 Koi Ancient Repriser has a +385 LP bonus.

For a passive effect, I'd make it counter attack based as Samurais with short defensive swords often use the short sword to keep an enemies sword off of them, then counter with their main sword.

-The +20% accuracy counterattack also deals +20% damage

-Each time you activate a defensive ability that doesn't deal damage (no Debilitate or Shield Bash), your next attack deals additional damage.

-Stores 10% of damage taken, with a cap of 20% of your LPS. When you use the ability Shield Bash the stored damage is added to the abilities damage then reset.
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