"The Dragon Master"

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Dragons - we fought them and we all love them.

They come in many forms around the game, but the most dominant of the dragons are
those who act as bosses: Queen black dragons, King black dragon, Gorvek and the Dragonkin Laboratory bosses (Astellarn, Verak Lith and the Black Stone Dragon).
All of those bosses have their drop logs, which gives a title and achievement of their own.

However, have you ever asked yourselves: "I have worked really hard for all of those titles, which one should I show off?" - No need to ask that anymore!

I present to you my suggestion: "
The Dragon Master
" title and achievement.
Yes, you have read that right, it's all about Dragons and Mastering everything involving them.

You would be able to unlock this incredible title by completing each and every one of the dragon-related drop logs in the game!
Allowing you to show-off your prowess even more!

This will drive player to complete even more dragon-related content and experience fights they wouldn't try before (although it might anger some Dragonkin).

If you too like this idea and like showing-off and want to be known as "
The Dragon Master
" let me know in this form!

15-Sep-2019 17:29:26

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Kings Abbot

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