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Nixri said:

"What if I got hacked??" Well nobody truly gets hacked on runescape if you have the 2FA enabled. You must have put your information somewhere where it was easily accessible via cache or on a botting site.. No sympathy for you. However in the rare case, the skill reset will follow the same policy as Name Reservations... It will be tied to your account for 35 days then it will be erased. Alternatively, it could have a pin like the bank pin to protect from griefing.. etc.. work in progress

Jagex recently said only 50% of the players actually use the authenticator. And even those that have it still fall victim because their computer gets infected with something. It's not easy to figure out where, when and how you even got infected.
Having a bank PIN on it won't help because the malware will register that too and use it against you.

Just no.
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