Stone spirits

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Don't you think all types of stone spirits should just be merged and called 'Stone spirits'? Reduce their drop counts, and their value will go up because there may be more demand for them..

A stone spirit would work with any type of ore.

12-Sep-2019 01:04:45

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Belongs to the "Existing Content" section.

Stone spirits have different values depending on the desirability of the ore they double. If all of them doubled all ore types, it severely de-values them as boss drops as stuff like dwarves also drop Stone Spirits.

I think it would be better if their drop chance was "halved" where if rolled on there's a 50% of re-rolling for something else. Then have all Stone Spirits be able to be put in your currency pouch to reduce clutter.
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12-Sep-2019 03:11:47

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