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Hey all,

I've recently been bothered by the fact that I constantly have to change my sigil and scrimshaw actionbar for whatever content I am doing. Everyone likes to start their pvm trip with activating prayers + scrimshaw (and aura if its first trip of the hour).

Well scrimshaw and prayer (and sigil) are all actionbarred for quick activation. But every time you switch preset, or do anything in any other direction of you've been doing, that scrimshaw (and sigil) often gets changed, making you change your actionbar again to acces your quickbuttons.

My suggestion would be to add 2 buttons to the control interface:
1) activate scrimshawslot
2) active sigilslot

This way, no matter what preset you load, no matter what scrim/sigil you use, you will always have the quick buttons (just like the quickprayer button) available + dont have to waste actionbar space to keybind them for activating.

TL;DR: There is already a quickprayer button in the controls interface; please add a scrimshawslot and sigilslot button too. This will save time, hassle every pvm trip and actionbar slots for everyone.
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