Ring of attraction, new gems

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Need ring of attraction, when worn would make any monster aggressive towards you. Also what about more gems like citrine, tanzanite, black quartz, muldavite, etc.. and maybe like a journey to the center of the earth type of thing, almost like a new underground pass but way harder and once you reach the middle it would be a new area with rare monsters and such. Just some thoughts I'm throwing out there.

05-Jan-2019 15:21:28

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I mean - we got three distinct items (potion, scrimshaw and sigil) to make monsters aggressive - why do we need a fourth?

As for the - gems: How should jewellery look like, and wouldn't it make sense to complete the current sets of gems first? Alchemical onyx got a few more stuffs last month, but what about lapis? It's only good for a ring right now.
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