Mutated Karambwans & New Quest

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The idea was brought up by @Runscape_Ivan on Instagram and I added level and quest requirements.


Tier 90: mutated karambwans, slightly better damage than mech chins, tier 90 accuracy causing poison to targets in a 4x4 area! Requiring a new quest where you have to cure Karamja's beaches from a toxic potion that was tossed in the water by a wizard/mage who has one of those homes on the water!(like the villages in the Amazon) Basically the Wizard/mage mixed the potion ingredients wrong and made an unknown potion. The wizard had no use for it, so he/she tossed it out their window and thought nothing of it. Overnight the potion killed off many fish(could even kill off a species since we have so many fish; maybe sardines), but the Karambwans survived because of their toxic nature and mutated. You show up and you have to cure this potion preventing a total extinction and spreading of this potion to ocean life: saving the population of Gilenor. Thankful for your help, this quest could open up access to a new village off the shore of Karamja where the npc's live in these offshore homes bringing new life to Karamja again.

Let me know what you think! :)

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