Update stone spirits drops

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I don't necessarily mind stone spirits, but there are certain spots that make no sense. For instance, Araxxi dropping 100 addy and 600 coal stone spirits makes no sense, because adamant require luminite to make a bar. Also, adamant is now a smithing requirement of 30 instead of 70, so it's effectively a useless drop for higher level smithing. At a bare minimum, update the drop tables so the stone spirits that are dropped, when mined actually can make a bar.

There are other issues with stone spirits like the rare drop table (i.e. why are 1k coal/addy stone spirits on there when wearing lotd?), but triskellion, crystal chest, and araxxi dropping 6:1 ratios of coal:addy stone spirits or 8:1 ratios of coal:runite stone spirits should not exist.

14-Aug-2019 17:28:05

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