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Goon Squad
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Goon Squad

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If I have my skilling urns set to automatically teleport when they're full, there's really no reason for four messages per urn to appear even when I have game messages set to filtered.

edit: it's five messages, not counting the one about it actually teleporting away

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stealing creations would be nice to have agin. & I miss the fact javalins where thrown like knifes but instead it has replaced the hand cannon I'm my opinion it seems like more wasted bank space ballista is just as good as the hand cannon was exept its hella slower. when I first heard old school was back I was excited when I seen that it said 07 old school but when I logged in for the first time a couple months ago it was a blast from the past but thos are two things I miss the most stealing creations drove you to get 80+ basic skilling stats & the hand cannon was awesome with morg javs for spec wep. revs don't drop the old degradable armor it used to which has made that cave dead. but regaurdless I'm glade classic is back I tried eoc for about two hours & just quit started this game in 05 & had an amazing experience. wish I knew it was out a lot sooner I wouldn't need to take as much vacation time to try & catch up to everyone else but its all good I actually remember a lot of stuff the more I played the more its comeing back. but do consider stealing creation that was a super fun mini game hope to see it if not that's alright but if so awesome id be stoked to play that mini game once agin stealing creations please

13-Sep-2017 07:40:32

Denim Dime
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Denim Dime

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Hello Mod James,

I would really love if players could be granted an additional reset from Nastroth in Lumbridge. When the update originally released, I had my Prayer level reset just as a test to see what would actually happen. I am now a skiller with Constitution and Prayer, and I would love to reset my combat level without having to start a new account. Please consider this proposal. Maybe make it so players can reset once every 3 years or something?

Thank you,
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10-Oct-2017 17:49:01

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OK so admittedly I didn't read over everything here.............but!!! I like where this is going and while we're on the track I saw this going I'd like to add to the list of things this npc would collect.

Yak hides

Basically any other little buyables that you can get from either a special npc like at catherby. Also I would like to see the npc be able to be 'set up' so that you can exclude certain things like battlestaves for example as I've noticed they buy cheaper in ge last I checked than from Naff!

Just a couple ideas to consider.

23-Oct-2017 02:38:51

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