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Stoic n Vain

Stoic n Vain

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From the sound of it, you also dislike RNG.

Raids gear increases block chance so much that it's near impossible to beat someone wearing it.

Weapons over level 75 can hit so incredibly (and randomly) high (if lucky) in PVP that you can be dead in a couple of seconds, even a single ability can KO when it's a crit.

The 100% hit chance solution, compensated with damage reduction and equalised damage seems like a perfect fix for your proposed problems, actually...

- Raids gear will no longer make block chance ridiculously high
- High level weapons will no longer be able to KO with the use of a single ability
Gear will no longer be overpowered in PVP. Players will be on a more even playing field.

Lessening the effect of RNG does make the game more fair.

1 iteming is fixed in my "the new wild" thread.

Cursed energy bots are fixed in my "cursed energy solved" thread.

My untradable item death mechanics in wild change makes it so that untradable items, like quest items, will be profitable to pk. So, that's solved too.

Pretty much every issue you bring up, I've proposed fixes for.
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Removing RNG from PVP

16-Jun-2019 07:04:32

Pop O
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Stoic n Vain said:
Removing RNG from PVP - Explained

This also means that if a player has poor armour (eg a ragger or 1 itemer), an opposing strong weapon will penetrate their total armour completely, (reducing the damage reduction to 0%). Currently a 1 itemer with 99 defence will always have a 9.9% damage reduction in PVP, which will no longer be the case with this change.

Damaging abilities and special attacks are equalized by adding the minimum hit with the maximum hit, then halving that sum.

Take wild magic for example. It has a range of 50-215% ability damage per hit. Upon equalization, each hit of wild magic would always be about 133% ability damage.

Always hitting the exact same amounts will probably become monotonous. Perhaps having just a small amount of RNG would remove that monotony. A variation of up to 20% would be alright, so in the case of wild magic, it could have a damage variation of 123-143% ability damage per hit.

Only these two damaging abilities won’t be changed:

- Balanced strike, as it deals damage based on health percentages.
- Reprisal, as it deals damage based on damage taken.

Special attacks can remain wildly unpredictable on legacy worlds only!

The combat triangle advantage will no longer be based on RNG. I like this. I don’t like the current “rock-paper-scissors” RNG model in PVP.

not for me tbh
in osrs like ive posted on other threads pvp is more educated gambling which what makes it fun if you take out rng then all you have is safe pvp +binds like its too bindscape as is
also i like wearing sup t85 tetsu when i go to the wildy and pvpers find it hell to hit on me and i love it, again this is a risk reward sorta thing
Posts:urn bag!, hits-plats fix

30-Jun-2019 10:37:14

Stoic n Vain

Stoic n Vain

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Something could be done about binds. One solution could be that they get a cooldown, so you can no longer spam them. The 100% hit chance change is actually a very good solution, but I understand that it can be fun to tank and get hit for many 0s. A lot of players would be upset by the change, but I have to wonder if it'd be taken more positively overall longterm.

I'm just trying to get rid of extreme RNG. I think a little RNG is ok.
Even if the hit/miss mechanic stayed the same, but the largely varying min-max hits changed it'd be a big improvement, in my opinion. Thanks for your feedback.

Something I might add (relating to making PVP minigames more popular)
Stoic n Vain said:
I think a better solution would be to not make new armour at all, but allow zeal to repair existing armours as an alternative to coins. This would save a lot of people gp (which is one of your goals with this thread, to aid those that suck at money making) and would have a good chance to revive the content as well. It could be used for all PVP related minigames.

Since repairing all of your gear can cost millions, and most players can make said millions back in 1 hour, I think that zeal should be very generous and roughly provide a full repair for one hour of gameplay. Anything less and players will likely continue to rely purely on coins to repair their armour. You earn on average 5.5 zeal per hour, so I think 6 zeal to repair a full set of high-end gear should be about the required amount to get people playing again.

Minigame AFK-ing would need to be fixed before this is implemented, as it should not pay for gear repairs. Even though skilling can do that... I'll ignore it. Lol.

There is the issue that this will reduce money-sinking... but I'll let others discuss that.
The New Wild (instanced) <---------> Enhancing Combat and PVP <----- UPDATED to include
Removing RNG from PVP

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Not Creme
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This was quite an interesting read. :) I actually support the majority of this suggestion, and wish it was discussed even further. Currently, PvP is quite dead. It seems as though people are only "hunting" and not actually fighting. On top of this, tanking is nonexistent. Virtually under any circumstance. Fights literally last seconds, you'd be lucky to have a fight last longer than two minutes. I remember the old days where you'd have to login to a virtually unpopulated world to farm green dragons and still have a high risk of getting into a fight with another player. But, I am also quite biased. If I think there's any update that may improve the wilderness activity, I'm all for it.

Adrenaloonie said:
First of all.
100% hit chance in PVP
Please leave this page and never come back.
Second: Ban the use of bullshit gear in wildy. That is raids shitt. And honestly everything every single thing above 75 (to wear) should be scaled the f down to 75 or banned from use in wild.

This is the only thing that can make rs3 pvp fair and thus actually playable.
Until then........... log in just to spin every now and then.

And a large amount of psychotic lurers who can't actually pk.
Oh and the one occosional kid who goes out to wild to pk and learns that bots drop 90000000000000000 gold, so he decides to bank his gear and go 1iteming with a god damn quest item WICH IS THE MOST HATED THING IN THE WORLD.

It'd be a bit more beneficial to supply your opinion on topics when you disagree with them, instead of simply stating you disagree with them. The absolute vagueness of your response doesn't really hold up to the rest of this thread, and the following replies.

I also see no reason to ban raid gear from the wilderness when there is other raid gear that'll hold their own against the stated topic. If you're out-classed, you're simply out-classed. That's how every game works.

Luring has also always been apart of RuneScape, since day one.

17-Jul-2019 05:27:59

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The large variation in some abilities makes pvp less boring so I would probably keep it as is or reduce it a little. Also some other things that are broken in pvp are mutated barge (cant freedom/remove a high damaging bleed) and achto defensive resets. These need to be removed because they reduce skill greatly. Also bring back 50% reflect that was nerfed to 25% years ago because of achto reset abuse. Another option to improve pvp without significant changes is just making debil hit 100% and abilities that take down opponents prayer (dbreath, snipe, havoc, etc.) to always be effective even if they miss. Overall, this post is likely useless cus no mod will ever read it since they haven't touched pvp in years. They only seem to look at reddit for suggestions etc. Hopefully something positive comes in the next year cus pvp is mostly dead.

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Im not sure about the idea of putting thresholds/ultimates on cd when switching gear. It would slow down fast paced bridding and you would not be rewarded for switching gear and prayers quickly to do an attack. Bridding is mostly for experienced pvp, so the other player should be prepared for high damaging threshold stuns (either apshyx or destroy) from timing their cooldowns.

14-Aug-2019 06:51:44

Stoic n Vain

Stoic n Vain

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I understand that variation can make PVP interesting, which is why I mentioned that a slight amount of RNG could remain. Nothing compared to the "outcome determining" RNG that we have today.

Mutated barge could revert to regular barge in PVP encounters. I'm not sure how OP the raids set effect is, but if it is as strong as you say, it could be disabled in PVP. I agree with reverting reflect. It hardly helps at all in PVP now. It was awesome to use your opponent's strength against them in the past. I miss the old 50% reflect in PVP. It really made your opponent think about when to damage you and when to avoid it.

If the 100% hit chance idea is implemented in PVP, all those vital abilities will land. Bridding will still be pretty fast paced. It's not like you can no longer damage when you swap a weapon, as you can still do a basic immediately. When it first came out, you couldn't even use a basic when you switched. That did ruin the pace.

You'll still be rewarded for switching prayers fast. Also you might not need to switch armour anymore if the hit chance is 100% in PVP.

Thanks for your post.
The New Wild (instanced) <---------> Enhancing Combat and PVP <----- UPDATED to include
Removing RNG from PVP

16-Aug-2019 02:25:20

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