Interactive Changing Weather

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Apr Member 2018


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Hello I'm a long time player of Runescape, i have a game content suggestion. I Think adding different changing weather all throught Runescape each day would add a completely new experience in game depending upon the current seasons, such as raining one day or strong winds and sunshine. I thought this would be a cool and exciting feature too the game if possible thankyou for your support and consideration. - Antoniya

09-Sep-2019 15:53:48

Kings Abbot

Kings Abbot

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Jagex themselves suggested this and wanted to do this some years ago, but nothing has been heard from it ever again.
A shame really.
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09-Sep-2019 20:57:30



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What Jagex presented looked really cool, and it’s a shame that it hasn’t led to anything yet.
Hope it’ll eventually get released.

Video from RuneFest 2016
Weather starts 7minutes 50 seconds in.

27-Sep-2019 11:40:43

May Member 2018


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I’ll voice my support for this as well. Would definitely change the game, in the best way. Click here for ideas on exploring other worlds, specifically the human homeworld Teragard. This one's me baby

27-Sep-2019 20:57:04

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