Geode Dragons Hatchlings

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We've seen Baby versions of Chromatic dragons and eggs of all sorts, but have you ever wondered what a Gemstone Dragon Egg would be like?

Given where gems come from... a geode.

Geode Dragons are Gemstone Dragon Hatchlings emerging from their Geode Eggs, being weaker and intended for mid-tier players (roughly T70-T80 users).

They have a much lower slayer requirement to kill than Gemstone Dragons, but can be killed instead of them for a task as they are technically Gemstone Dragons.

Location: New dungeon located next to the mine, north of Shilo Village. Intended to be a Dragonkin Labratory Incubation area for Gemstone Dragon off-spring. Inside a machine smelts Geode Eggs in lava to keep the egg warm and allows it to grow and eventually hatch.

Appearance: Upon spawning, they look like Giant Rock Crabs (basically boulders) and unaggressive. When attacked, the Geodes top breaks and a Gemstone Dragon Hatchling pops its head out to attack. Because its trapped in a giant Geode, it can't move around.

Combat: Uses all combat styles, biting (melee), spitting geode shards (ranged), and can spit fire blasts (magic) however like Baby Dragons they cannot use Dragonfire. Has similar damage/accuracy to a Steel Dragon. Each have roughly 12K LPs.

Gemstone Dragon Hatchlings come in 4 types indicated by their color upon popping their head, Sapphire (blue), Emerald (green), Ruby (red), and Diamond (white). Like their adult counterparts, they replicate their gemstone effects, but rather than a special attack their normal attacks have a small side effect.

Sapphire - Drains 5 prayer points per attack.

Emerald - Poisonous, similar damage to Kalphite poison.

Ruby - Sometimes damages itself for 1% of its current LPs and damages the player for twice that damage.

Diamond - Sometimes attacks ignores players defense.
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Geode mechanic:

Geode Dragons have extraordinary defense, at roughly T140 armor making attacks very inaccurate, this is because their Geode Egg Shell protects them extremely well.

The main counter to this is pickaxes.

Attacking a Geode Dragon with a pickaxe lowers their armor tier by (T/10 + 3) where T is the pickaxe tier. This defense reduction occurs even if it misses. You get a message stating you're mining through the Geode Shell.

This stacks indefinitely, so you can effectively drain the Geodes Dragons defense to 0 but with a decent pickaxe and T70 weapons, you can quickly reduce the Geode Dragons defense lower enough you can kill it effectively. They have a weakness to Crush weapons, so with Drygore Maces or a Chaotic Maul you don't need to reduce their defense much.

An slayer reward upgrade is available for 100 slayer points that unlocks a new method of slaying Geode Dragons. Once bought, when attacking a Geode Dragon with a non-pickaxe every time you miss your attack counts as using the highest tier pickaxe you have (on inventory or toolbelt). This lets you kill them in a more casual fashion as you don't have to worry about switching weapons, but crushing weapons and a good pickaxe are still recommended for fewer misses and faster kills.

Example: If you attack a Geode Dragon with a Elder Rune +5 pickaxe, it reduces the Geode Dragons defense by 12 (90/10 + 3). If you have a Necromium Pickaxe on your toolbelt, unlocked the new slaying method, and attack Geode Dragons with Chaotic Rapiers, each time you miss you reduce the Geode Dragons defense by 10 (70/10 + 3).
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A debuff counter shows the Geode Dragons current defense tier, so you know when its defense is low enough to swap back to your main-hand weapon.

On death, the Geode Shell shatters and kills the hatching in a pile of sharp stone shards.


Always drops Baby Dragon bones. Often drops Stone Spirits, geodes, and uncut gems.

Sometimes (uncommon) they drop 5-10 "Lava Geodes", which appear red and cannot be opened as they contain lava. They can be equipped in the pocket slot and while smithing they automatically reheat smithing items to 100% heat when they fall below 33%, consuming the geode. Its a stronger version of the auto-heater is it literally dumps lava on the item, but no where as cheap to use.

As a very rare drop, Geode Dragons may drop "Vicendithas Ring Box". Roughly similar chances to T85 Dino boots, being more likely during a Geode/Gemstone Dragon slayer task.

The Ring Box allows you to put any luck-enhancing ring inside, then benefit from its effects while the Ring Box is in your inventory, allowing players to use an offensive ring of their choice while benefitting from the luck-enhancing ring.

It's more of a convenience item as normally PvMers simply use an offensive ring and swap to a luck-enhancing ring before each kill, this just removes the need to swap.
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