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My suggestion is that they add a setting which would allow you to disable certain combat styles.

For example: on a 1 defence pure you could disable long-range when using a bow/crossbow.

Those options would not appear when you switch to the combat style selection.

This would stop people from mistakenly clicking defensive when going for a special attack and ruining their accounts.

Of course the disabled combat style could be reenabled easily using the in game settings.

Let me know what you guys think of this concept.


12-Sep-2019 00:13:31

Kings Abbot

Kings Abbot

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First, no support. You choose to limit yourself. Use your brain to prevent fuckups. People won’t have respect for you if the game forces you to be a pure instead of you yourself making sure you’re not getting certain xp.

Second, as long-range with a bow is something from the pre-EOC combat system I believe you should be using the OS forums, this is a RS3 forum.
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12-Sep-2019 11:23:53

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