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Thanks to the existence of ore boxes, trans-portents, and grace of the elves I can now gather truly tremendous amounts of resources through mining and woodcutting, but actually processing these resources into a state more valuable for actual skill training can be quite time consuming for little benefit. In order to process the mass numbers of resources I can gather, I'd like to suggest some additional automatic processing machines for Invention.

1. The Auto-Furnace
Family Crest is a mid-level quest that unlocks the Smelting Gauntlets, which are at this stage in the game practically essential for any form of mass smelting. Of course, when you're collecting thousands of ores a day, smelting them 60 at a time can take hours in the late game. I propose a machine that automatically smelts ores using machine charge but grants no smithing xp.

2. The Auto-Fletcher
Similarly, players can gather tons and tons of logs, but fletching into arrow shafts can still only be accomplished 28 logs of inventory at a time. By processing logs through a series of saws, arrow shafts could easily be mass produced without xp.

3. The Gem-Cutter
When you've reached the 80 crafting requirement for Invention, you've pretty much surpassed the value of cutting most gems as a viable form of crafting xp. The gem-cutter could be used either to cut mass amounts of common gems without failure, save time in producing high level gems for crafting, or break down gems into bolt tips for fletching usage.

Generally, Invention machines are used to save players time in repetitive tasks (alchemy, potion brewing, and disassembly) or cut costs on expensive NPC procedures (tanning and plank-making). These additional options would not only provide competition for machine slots or power, but remain consistent with the design goals of Invention machines and provide additional content for these skills in a way that improves general quality of life.

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