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Please make ultimate ironman a thing in rs3. Ever since it's release in osrs I've been craving it. It would spice up rs3 greatly as currently 99% of rs3 is just mainscapes with massive amounts of 99's and then ironmen that have already completely progressed and have pretty much all of the gear they could ever want. No new players are coming to rs3 these days as they are all going to osrs so adding ultimate ironman would spice up rs3 and bring more players into it.

05-Jan-2019 03:33:49

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For those of us who don't know what Ultimate Ironman is because we don't care about OSRS, I've collected the description from the wiki:

Ultimate Ironman players are not able to do the following, in addition to the standard restrictions given to all ironmen:

Use the banks of RuneScape (they are still able to use noted items on bank booths or chests to unnote them)
Create item sets using the Grand Exchange
Receive resources from Managing Miscellania
Send their Servant to the bank or the Sawmill
Keep any item on death nor use the Protect Item prayer

05-Jan-2019 08:17:33

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