Anachronia Agility Warnings

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So, I've pretty much given up on training on the Anachronia Agility Course. It's nice in theory, gives great XP, and... it's easy as heck to miss an obstacle and not even know what you did wrong. Seriously, I've made several laps around it, and I've failed to get the course bonus XP. It's gotten immensely frustrating.

I would like to propose a warning you can toggle on for training after you hit 85 agility. It simply warns you if you're about to skip an obstacle you need to do; that way, you can go back and get the XP you otherwise would have missed. It should be a good balance between making sure you're not wasting your time because you keep making a mistake, with not spoon feeding you.

28-Aug-2019 04:04:09



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You can see here ( how much obstacles there are in each segment, and every obstacles is marked with white paint to make them stand out. Just look around and see where you might be missing an obstacle? The Winner of September 2019's MUPAQ Award is
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28-Aug-2019 10:18:54

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I have just completed several rounds. I checked and received the partial bonus after each segment but still miss out on the final bonus. Could be a glitch because I managed to close 151 laps already (trying to get essential oil)

02-Oct-2019 16:56:34

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I have just done 2 laps and no codex notes, also trying for essential oils. First lap thouhgt ohh maybe i did miss something but definately not the 2nd time. That is 20 codex you owe me Jagex.

07-Oct-2019 07:00:52

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