Skill Masters are needed

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Please add Skill Masters. These would be similar to slayer masters but would assign tasks related to non combat skilling. I am sure with all the great minds you could come up with a way for non combat players like myself to be able to get some kind of enjoyment, and reward out of tasks and assignments related to non combat play.

I really do enjoy RuneScape and want to continue playing but can't do anything I like to get enough gp to continue buying bonds. I have enjoyed the recent 2018 updates and quest that were more skill oriented, ty so much for that content. My biggest issues at this time are not being able to make bank just skilling and since I don't/ can't boss and slay I can't get enough gp.

I will continue to play my way until I can no longer get enough bonds to continue membership.

Love RuneScape ty for all the fun I have had over the years, I just hope you can and will find a way to let non combat players like me to compete with the slayers out there.

15-Mar-2019 23:05:21

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I love the Skilling masters idea and wish RS would really take a look into it. It’d be simple for the most part. Everything would virtually be the same. Different level of skilling masters. For instance you could get assigned to go cut 450 yews. Or 120 magic logs. Go catch this fish. Craft these tunes. I think it’d be a neat idea and would bring skilling back into the game. I feel a lot of skilling is dead content.

04-Aug-2019 23:33:23

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