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There should be an easier way for lower combat level players, such as myself, to obtain clue scrolls from all tiers.

As a veteran Runescape player, one D&D that has really stood out for me are the Treasure Trails. However, being of a low combat level, I find it very difficult for me to obtain Clue scrolls, particularly the upper tier ones, such as Elites & Masters.

As of now, the easiest way to obtain them is through combat or through thieving Elves from Prifddinas, which have a very high combat level required to access. Meaning, even though I have got a few 99s, I cannot have a full access to the upper tier Treasure trails, even though I can do most of the Elite clue scrolls, for example, with just a little help from fellow Meerkats.

Now, I know the upper tier Clue scrolls are meant to be hard to obtain. So, here's what I suggest:

Since the best way to obtain upper tier Clue scrolls through skilling is with the Thieving skill, I'd stick with that. There could be another high Thieving level pickpocket-able NPC which grants Elite (and Master) clue scrolls at a decent rate.

Now, since Prifddinas elves have a lot of skill requirements to access, it could be the same with this said NPC. For that, I would use Anachronia as a starting point. For example, there could be a miniquest we can access only after, say, the player has run around the agility course a hundred times (which requires 85 Agility), and has hunted every single big game encounters, which requires 96 Hunter and 75 Slayer. Then, the miniquest would have other requirements which are combat free, and the main reward would be the addition of pickpocket-able NPCs on Anachronia which, among other things, can reward you with Elites and Masters.

I know there is a lot of low-combat players around, and I think upper tier clue scrolls would be a great addition to their overall gaming experience. That being said, feel free to add your feedback to better my suggestion. :)
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