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When you are skulled, you are able to traverse the bandit camp in the wilderness without attracting their aggression. As such, you can make Anchovie Pizzas (yay) and buy some discounted wares, but other than that it feels a tad disappointing for a content area.

Feels like it has so much more potential.

Speedy Keith, Donny the Lad and Black Heather are such compelling names and I've always wanted to know more about them. I was sure there had to be a quest that would involve them, but sadly, no such luck. I might just be out of the loop and there are plans for them in the future, so feel free to bring me up to speed.

Since I don't know any better, I figure I'd suggest what occurs to me should be done to make use of the potential laden in this area!


Speedy Keith
Keith doesn't take much notice of low level players, but once a player has proven their dexterity and wit with some heists (70+ Thieving and completed the Thieves Guild Capers) he has decided you might be worth talking to. He offers a selection of high-risk burglary jobs which you will have to put money up front to accept. The missions he gives will more than compensate the price, but they won't be easy and getting caught is pretty much guaranteed to kill you.

Donny the Lad
Donny has always had a knack for sweet talking with his baby face and he learned from a young age that he could use that to his advantage. With 70+ Agility and a minimum of 500 Pyramid Tops retrieved, Donny will give you some smuggling missions. Similarly to those above, some collatoral will be expected up front to take on the job.

Black Heather
Heather lives in a man's world and she knows it. She's not afraid to do what it takes to get what she wants. Killing kind of became her thing. With 70+ Slayer and a cumulative kill count on the various boss monsters of 50+ you can buy assassination jobs from Heather, cash on delivery.

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One more idea had occurred to me, which was the reason I initially started writing this up.

The bandits in the camp, once you earn some reputation with the leaders, could be hired to roam around with you while you do various things in the wilderness.

These could be hired to watch your back while you do some skilling activities. They would only follow you inside the wilderness, and could be set to either retaliate when you are attacked or to attack other players on sight. The second option would cause you to become skulled, but presumably you already were in order to hire them in the first place.

These could be hired as backup for PvP and PKing activities in the wilderness. They would specialize in different tactics than the Bodyguards, who would innately be more defensive. Hitmen might be able to cast Teleblock, use stuns or Ancients to stun, possibly use poison or items/abilities that drain adrenaline/run energy. Their purpose would be in killing other players more so than keeping you alive.

I'd like to think there would be more types of NPC followers you could hire, but I'm actually drawing a bit of a blank what else they would do other than fight for you. If anyone has any ideas, feel free!

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It's nice to give some purpose to the Bandit Camp and the jobs of the three leaders seem very fitting.

The bodyguards and hitmen seem a bit OP to me. PvP is already quite dead, so their use will be quite small. Perhaps only one bodyguard coming along, with not so high stats and only being defensive.
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When bounty hunter is removed those three NPCs will actually become bosses and are able to drop obliteration, decimation and annihilation.

But yeah - it generally would be nice to see making this place more interesting.
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