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Mod Ian

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Hey there, thought I'd jump in to your thread, say hello and give a quick reply...

Personally I really like the idea - it's a good point about songs unlocking together as groups, yes on occasion there are quite a few and you could easily lose the messages amongst chat box spam.

The main issue here is getting the development time to do a project like this, the music system is surprisingly complicated mainly because of the large numbers of songs that have to be tracked, unlocked etc.

I wouldn't say it's impossible but we'd need to make sure the resources are available to us, bearing in mind the unfinished business will get the highest priority as some of those features are very important for the game.

As an audio team though we are definitely interested in hearing what kind of audio updates you'd like to see even if its not possible to deliver on them straight away. We hope to post something up soon with suggestions so keep your eyes on the forums!

18-Jul-2017 15:43:16

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