dead mini games fix

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Elf of Seren

Elf of Seren

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Konota said:

Elf of Seren said:
If leeching is a concern, they could just to an afk check, like Soul Wars has, but more intelligent.

So an overhaul in their broken AFK-system for all minigames? Sounds like a lot of work. Plus, player always will find a way to abuse it in someway. People can still AFK Soulwars if you know how.


Honestly, I'd rather just rework Soul Wars and FoG into single player mini's, and kill a lot of the redundant games on Spotlight, so there's maybe 10 minigames total to cycle through, rather than what we have now.

What I suggested here was just an idea for OP, even if i don't agree with it. Still, and AFK check in Castle Wars would be a good idea, imo.
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